Curriculum “Human Biology” Weekly programme “Human Biology” Syllabus in Human Biology
  • Dear students,Here is a short summary of the information you might need:

    Human Biology classes include lectures and practical courses during the first terms/semesters of the first academic year. They are all mandatory.

    Lectures are held by Professor Victoria SARAFIAN – lecturer and head of the Department of Medical Biology and Assoc. Prof. Maria Kazakova, PhD.

    Practical courses are held by Assistant Professors – Yana FEODOROVA, Nikolay MEHTEROV, Milena DRAGANOVA, Yordan SBIRKOV, Eleonora KOVACHEVA and Vesselin ALEXANDROV.

    The lectures  will start from  09 October 2023. 

The practical class will start from 02 October 2023

  • Students are obliged to attend both types of classes and to be prepared in advance for the topics/problems to be discussed in the practical courses. They need white coats, a practical guide, a pad/copy-book, a pen and color pencils.It is not allowed to change the timing of the practical courses or the assistant professor unless permission by the Head of Department is provided in some special occasions.At the end of the semester every student has to receive a signature from his practical teacher in the red mark-book to certify his presence during practical classes. Only then he/she can receive the final signature from the lecturer. A student with absences from practical classes is not allowed to attend the exam. Once two signatures (from the practical teacher and the lecturer) are obtained, the mark-book is sealed at the Students’ Office and then the student is allowed to sit for exams.

    Students are kindly asked to follow all announcements on the information board at the Department of Medical Biology and on the web-site:

    The recommended textbooks are available at the University Bookshop; few copies are at disposal in the Library or they could be found on the Internet.


    The syllabus is composed of 3 major modules (both lectures and practical courses):

    • Molecular Biology
    • Cell and General Biology
    • Immunology

    The knowledge of each of the subjects is assessed by current oral examinations and written tests.


    At the final exam students have to write a combined test on all modules.

    A student who has successfully passed the final exam in Medical Biology is considered one who has passed the written test.

    Students who have failed at the final exam in the winter session (January/February) are allowed to re-sit the final exam test in July.

    Each student is allowed to sit for an exam in each discipline only twice – once during the regular session in January/February and then during the re-sit session in July (for Biology) or in September (for other subjects).


    Recommended literature:

    • Practical Book Medical Biology for the first year students by V. Sarafian, M. Kazakova, M. Draganova, N. Mehterov
    • Bios instant notes. Molecular Biology by A. McLennan, A. Bates, P. Turner, M. White. 2013; 4th edition; Garland Science, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC; ISBN978-0-415-68416-3
    • Bios instant notes. Immunology by P. Lydyard, A. Whelan, M. Fanger. 2008; 8th edition; Garland Science, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC; ISBN 978-0-4156-0753-7
    • Janeway’s Immunobiology, byKenneth Murphy, 2011, 8th edition; ISBN:9780815342434
    • Basic Immunology : Functions and Disorders of the Immune by Abul K. AbbasAndrew H. Lichtman, Shiv Pellai . 2014; 4thedition; ISBN-13: 978-1455707072; ISBN-10: 1455707074
    • Human Biology by Starr C. and McMillan B. 2014; 10th edition; Yolanda Cossio; ISBN-13 978:1-133-59916-6
    • Victoria SARAFIAN, MD, PhD, DMSc
    • Head of Department